Simulation of a real company


A true simulation of the real economic environment

Multicultural simulation ESON is an extensive electronic company virtualization system in a comprehensive macroeconomic environment. ESON is able to carry out an advanced variable market sector simulation in various stages of economic cycles. It allows to try out various managerial strategies and to analyze their impact before putting into practice. ESON thus helps to prevent companies from a failure in the market.

Experiment with your managerial ideas

Your virtual business within the economic simulation ESON solves the same problems as does a business in the real world. The ESON simulation induces a real economic environment where several competing virtual companies coexist under market conditions. As in the real world, the main objective in the economic simulation ESON is business profit together with a sound economic health and a favorable outlook.

Compete for the best financial result!

There are several user groups in the market and the simulation allows them to compete for customers and for a market share, to fight for costs, to obtain a technologic advantage, etc. The aim is to reach as good economic position of the business as possible; the business simulation ESON evaluates this and allocates score to the business. The better business economic health and position, the higher the score.

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